Kidspot: Cult Oil Mums Swear By to Banish Postpartum Cellulite

Kidspot: Cult Oil Mums Swear By to Banish Postpartum Cellulite

Credit: Kidspot 

Lipo in a bottle: Cult oil mums swear by to banish postpartum cellulite

"It worked within a week," new mum, Sophie, told Kidspot. 

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If you told us back in the day that in 2024, we'd be putting skincare on our butts, well, we probably wouldn't believe you.

But as the old saying goes, where there is skin, there should be care (nobody has ever said that) - and our derrières are no exception. 

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Image: Supplied / Instagram
Image: Supplied / Instagram

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It's skincare... for your butt

Our behinds are finally getting the love they deserve with the creation of MUSE The Skin Company's Butt Gloss Oil, a naturally-derived complex oil designed to treat stretch marks, cellulite, bumps and spots. 

It'll also moisturise and nourish the skin too, because who wouldn't want a hydrated and juicy-looking butt? 


Since its launch, this little pocket rocket has been flying off the shelves, as beauty fans and mums alike have been raving about the visible results. 

Sceptical? Dw, I was too.

But wait 'till you see the piccies, k?

What is the Butt Gloss Oil?

Other than being a super chic bottle to display in your bathroom, it also... does other stuff.

Like helps reduce the appearance of any pesky stretch marks, cellulite, blemishes, uneven complexion, Eczema and Keratosis pilaris. 

You'll be left with a baby-soft bum, thanks to ingredients like Juniper Berry Oil, Avocado Oil, Mandarin Oil and Sea Buckthorn Oil.

It can also be used on other parts of your body for an overall radiant glow. 

How do you use it?

Brand creator and beauty guru, Tan Boonsirisuk, explains, "The process is so simple, just massage in four-five drops after a shower or bath and watch the magic happen.

"You’ll notice your skin will start to transform becoming smoother, tighter, and firmer as the days go by."

How much does it cost?

A bottle will set you back $58 or you can subscribe for $46.40 if your butt drinks the stuff up. 

Carrie (left), Skye (right). Image: Supplied
Carrie (left), Skye (right). Image: Supplied

"The only thing that works on my stretch marks"

One happy butt-oiler, Alice, shared her before and after pictures online, writing, "I don’t usually take before/after pics but I honestly love this butt oil so much, anyone with butt skin concerns should try one for yourself. It’s so easy to apply, it feels so luxurious and smells like a high-end wellness spa. I highly recommend it!"

Then Carrie claimed it was "the only thing that works on my stretch marks."

And Josephine says she "swears" by it to reduce cellulite. 

Skye claimed it gave her "firmer legs and butt" and her "problem areas were more toned and less bumpy."

Sophie discovered the oil during her pregnancy. Image: Supplied
Sophie discovered the oil during her pregnancy. Image: Supplied

A new mum says it worked "within the first week"

Mum Sophie* says she discovered the product during her pregnancy. She told Kidspot she was, "intrigued when I first heard about the concept of a specialised oil for that area during pregnancy."

Sophie had tried various other moisturisers and oils available on the market, like Bio Oil, but none seemed to address the specific concerns related to pregnancy. 

After consulting her GP, she gave it a go and says it has since become part of her daily routine. 

"I applied it generously to the butt and belly area morning and night, ensuring consistent hydration. The non-greasy formula allowed me to get dressed immediately without any residue.

"The dryness and discomfort in the butt area were significantly reduced within the first week. After delivery, the appearance of stretch marks also seemed to diminish – I was really happy about that. I think the consistent use throughout my pregnancy and postpartum period contributed to maintaining skin elasticity."

Her recommendation to other new mums?

A big, fat yes!