It started as a conversation.

MUSE lives in the space between femininity, wellness, and skincare.

At MUSE, we believe in redefining beauty norms and breaking free from the limitations society places on us. We embrace the "b" words that have been stigmatised in the skincare industry.

Our Butt Gloss is specifically designed to celebrate and address the unique needs of the feminine body, allowing women to reclaim their power and practice self-love in ways they never thought possible.

With a strong focus on local ingredients and sustainability, we are the brand that customers can trust and feel good about.


Conceptualised in 2019 by a female founder, Tan Boonsirisuk, MUSE is proudly operated in Sydney Australia.


    Every decision made at MUSE was intentional and responsible one, from ingredients, packaging, pricing and people we work with.


    Beauty should be free of toxin and harmful chemical. That is why we only use good-for-you ingredients. We embrace the clean beauty.


    We are passionate about our planet and our people. At MUSE Keeping our carbon emissions & packaging impact low takes priority over profit.