3 Annoying Truths About Your Butt Cellulite and How to Fix It

3 Annoying Truths About Your Butt Cellulite and How to Fix It

3 Annoying Truths About Your Butt Cellulite and How to Fix It

We’re past the point of making peace with cellulite. No. Here are three annoying truths about cellulite and how to fix it...Forever!  

Something we’ve always noticed on ourselves, and never really quite understood. What even is cellulite? 

By the book, it is collagen fibres that gift your skin with extra fat cells (thanks!!!). Essentially, a build-up of fat underneath the skin’s surface, this skin is then pulled downwards toward the deeper tissue which causes an obviously uneven bumpy-like surface. Not ideal.

Put the supple back into your skin and the bounce back into your step with these three annoying truths and tricks. 

Truth ONE: It’s most common in women (bummer!)

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, sadly this is the truth. It’s like that whole men are from mars and women are from venus theory. Unlike men, whose skin seems to have more of a supportive, connective tissue situation going on, the way our skin is formed (like pillars) it’s easier for fat pockets to build up and become visible on the surface. Cellulite may become even more apparent as we age and our skin loses some of its elasticity - all things to look forward to! 

Note - men definitely can and do get cellulite too, it just affects less of them than us. 

Truth TWO: It is genetic (thanks Mum!)

You may have your Father’s eyes, your Grandfather’s smile but you probably have your Mother’s cellulite genes too! There are certain genetic factors that scientists have linked to the chances of cellulite developing - how fast is your metabolism, where does your fat sit underneath the skin, how strong is your blood circulation etc. 

Quite plainly, there’s not a lot to be done about this now, it’s written in your DNA! So if you’ve got the genes, let me tell you how to minimise the impact that bloody cellulite is having on your life...


Truth THREE: There are (non invasive, filler-free) treatments that actually work 

It is true, that injectable dermal fillers can plump up your skin, visibly reducing the appearance of cellulite. However, we’re pro filler-free & non-invasive natural treatments wherever possible. The great news is, there are natural, sustainable treatments that can help you say farewell to all your cellulite concerns. 

From massage techniques and radio-frequencies to butt creams, oils, glosses & routines. There’s a brand new (first to market) range of butt perfecting skincare here with all the answers you need. AM & PM applications are recommended, and with a regular butt skincare routine, you can expect effective and long-lasting results, leaving you with confidence & a juicy, glowy, bump-free butt! 


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