Butt Skincare Routine - What it is and why everybody is obsessed with it!

Butt Skincare Routine - What it is and why everybody is obsessed with it!

Butt Skincare Routine - What it is and why everybody is obsessed with it! 

Beauty routines are basically a non-negotiable in every girl’s (and man’s!) day now. Wake up - skincare, time for sleep - skincare! 

But, skincare is about more than just the beauty products we put on our faces. Our entire body is covered in skin (wild!) and we want to highlight our natural beauty all over - give us soft, supple, smoothe & flawless skin from head to toe.

We’ll butt, sorry bet, your skincare routine doesn’t include these golden steps for your butt...Yet! 

Meet the new cult (butt) skincare routine you need in your life. 

Step 1: From the bath to the shower 

However you like to bathe, take (a seat) your time, relax, re-energise. 

Apply your go-to body wash all over, pay careful attention to your butt cheeks - it’s important to clean away any dirt, product residue or bacteria that could collect there (one of the leading causes of butt acne or even skin infections). 

Step 2: Dead skin, be gone

Exfoliation is one of our favourite skincare practices, whether it’s our face, our chest, our arms, back or butt! One suggestion, go genty. Scrub your preferred exfoliating salts in slow, circular motions over your (butt) cheeks. This will actively say farewell to dead skin cells (who needs ya!) and bring back a little brightness and colour to your skin with super-circulation and blood production. 

Step 3: Dab, don’t rub

Grab yourself a soft cotton towel (we like ours fresh out of the dryer) and dab the skin dry. Easy! 


Step 4: Smoothness for days

This is your new skincare staple. Butt cream, the all-in-one post-shower treatment for tackling blemishes, dehydration, stretch marks, butt acne, dry skin and any other skin concern. Smother a generous amount of butt cream onto each cheek, luxuriously massaging it into the skin. Apply twice daily for double the butt love! 


Step 5: Get totally addicted to the glow

Our final step before you’re on your way to a dewy, glowy, moisture-rich and ultra-firm butt! 

Butt skincare oil is your holy grail for an Insta-worthy butt. Oils, glosses and serums are fantastic for elevating your skin’s hydration and minimising blemishes. Simply drizzle the gloss onto your butt and gently massage in. Allow a minute or two for the oils to infuse into the skin, then enjoy the shine! 

This quick, simple & effective ritual is a 2021 obsession. The results speak for themselves - noticeable within just 14-days! 

Repeat daily. And trust us, it lives up to the hype! Your butt has never looked (or felt) so good.